Burchtree Bladeworks- Michael Burch


      I pride myself on building blades that are both functional and beautiful.  I am a collector and user of knives myself, so I know how a knife needs to perform.  Whether it’s to cut open mail, or dressing a deer – my blades are built to be used.

      I usually only work on one blade at a time but the reality of a big event like a show means that I sometimes have several going in parallel.  I believe the blades deserve unique and specific attention to make them to the best of my abilities.  Sometimes it is a long process to get a blade from barstock to your pocket, but it’s a process I greatly enjoy.  

      I take my time with my knives and I will work with you to create the blade you want.  I am always more than happy to e-mail pictures of the progress of your blade and I invite you to ask questions. Your blade is your companion so it’s your right to get to know it well.

      I build most of my knives out of 1095 and W-2.  I also use CPM-154 if a customer requests stainless and I use Chad Nichols’ stainless damascus.  I also make my own damascus with my friend and fellow knifemaker Jody Muller. 

      My main focus is on folders — linerlocks, framelocks, and flippers. and if I feel like I can’t build your order to your satisfaction, I can put you in touch with someone that can.

      6 products

      6 products