Herucus Blomerus Custom Knives


      Since the start of 2020, he has shifted his focus to become a full time knife maker, utilising his manufacturing skills to live out his passion and purpose. He appreciates the mentors he has had, and to pay-it-forward, he started hosting fixed blade knife making courses from the beginning of this year.

      Herucus Blomerus creates beautiful knives that have the look and feel of art knives but still function like work knives. He is a talented knife maker with a lot of experience. He extracts the very best from the materials he uses, available to the customer and brings them together in a knife which is both an investment as well as a practical tool. Each component of the knife is perfectly fitted by hand and thus each knife is unique. His knives’ smooth action really defines the quality of his work.

      Herucus believes that a folding knife is primarily a working tool which can be your everyday carry!

      3 products

      3 products