Chris Reeve Knives LEFT HAND Large Sebenza 31 Drop Point Ladder Damascus with Black Micarta Inlay


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* Please note: this knife is left handed.

Sebenza means "work" in Zulu and these knives are intended to do just that. Built with handcrafted care at a production level, the Sebenza 31 has earned a worldwide reputation for rock solid performance and a “bank vault” feel. The Sebenza 31's blade will retain a sharp edge with easy maintenance. The Sebenza 31 uses the Reeve Integral Lock, which is a lock bar integral to the back handle. Pre-bending at the end of the slot causes the spring to move to the base of the blade, thereby locking the blade open.  



•   Material: ladder damascus
•   Length: 3.61" (91.69mm) 
•   Thickness: 0.12" (3.07mm) 

•   Material: Titanium 6Al4V
•   Thickness: 0.15" (3.81mm) 
•   Length: 4.79" (121.67mm) 

•   Length: 8.40" (213.36mm) 
•   Weight: 4.7oz (133g)

No assisted-open feature.

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