KNafs -Baby Banter Shop Mat Mousepad
KNafs -Baby Banter Shop Mat Mousepad
KNafs -Baby Banter Shop Mat Mousepad

KNafs -Baby Banter Shop Mat Mousepad


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The Baby Banter Shop Mat is the perfect addition for your office or shop. It's small-- baby-ish even-- at 9x9", so you won't have to charge it rent on your desk or workbench until it's grown. On its 18th birthday you can kick that sucker out or start sending the rent bill, amigo. Ok, real talk, it's a little smaller than our original Knife Mouse Pad, so it's easier to fit in studio apartments and cramped cubicles. 

The mousepad features an exploded schematic of the Civivi Baby Banter pocket knife for your maintenance, repair, and engineering marveling. It includes the specs and a parts list of the Baby Banter, as well as knife maintenance tips to keep your knife in tip top shape. Accents in blue-- Ben Blue, even-- give the mat a pop of color that draws in the eye, but doesn't freak out your coworkers. Plus, it's a schematic of a knife-- no one in the office can accuse you of being a weird knife guy because this is engineering in its purest visual form. The 7 knives hanging from your pocket, however, will tip off your coworkers that you might have mild addictions outside of your 9-5. 

  • Size -- this mouse pad is 9x9" and fits incredibly well on desks of all shapes and sizes. 
  • Rulers -- there are printed rulers in inches and millimeters down the sides of the shop mat. Measure your tactical knives, fixed blades, spring assisted, everyday carry, swiss army and survival knives in epic fashion.
  • Durable-- ⅛” thick polyester cloth upper is strong and comfortable on the hand with great fit and finish. The underside of the mousepad is a non-slip natural open-cell rubber. It won’t slide on your desk or workbench, unless your workbench is filthy-- then you might be on your own in the sliding department, amigo.
  • Quality-- designed by Ben Petersen and made in the USA. 

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