Spyderco 600F Galley-V Culinary Sharpening System

Spyderco 600F Galley-V Culinary Sharpening System


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Knife users who are truly in tune with their cutting tools do not let them get dull; they maintain their edges with frequent "touch-up" sharpenings. Specifically designed for this type of diligence, the Galley-V has a compact, high-impact-plastic base that can be clamped or even permanently mounted to a countertop or other work surface.

Star-shaped holes in the base position the sharpener's fine ceramic rods at a 30-degree angle (15 degrees per side) to easily create thin, ultra-keen edges on all your knives, especially kitchen knives. The extra-long stones are ideal for sharpening large knives and can be rotated to orient their edges to quickly sharpen serrated blades. They are also easily cleaned with ordinary household cleanser.



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